Friday, November 13, 2009

Catholic Campaign for Human Development a Scandal - BOYCOTT THE COLLECTION PLATE

...Ginny Maziarka posts a LONG rant somehow connecting the Catholic Church with some scandal involving "Chicago-style community organizing groups", whatever that is supposed to mean...


  1. That post is way overdone! She reminds me of the crazy cat lady scene on the Simpsons (where she is walking down the street throwing cats & screaming at people). This post is definitely a crazy rant. Not easy on the eyes, either (and I don't think Ginny is easy on the eyes, either)

    Wonder if she wrote that post herself, or pasted the content from somewhere else?

    Ginny sure loves to jump in wherever there is a shitstorm abrewing. She's not even Catholic, and yet she sees it as her place to "intervene". And of course, she makes it personal - like her amniosity towards Michael Tyree (WB Library)& Dr. Herdrich/Joe Carlson (WB School Board), she attaches the rant to Father Haines.

    Go screw up your own church, Ginny. Of course, I heard that you already did.

  2. "Go screw up your own church, Ginny. Of course, I heard that you already did."

    What do you mean?

  3. That actually wasn't Ginny, it was me. What did she do to her church? I hadn't heard anything.

  4. I have a friend, cousin, and a new acquaintance who are former members of Community Church West Bend ( Don't know the whole story, but a few years ago there was some kind of melt-down at that church - I think a pastor got fired or something (and looking at the website, it looks like they have a associate/youth pastor, but not a regular pastor), and a bunch of members left - awhile ago I was looking at the site to see who remains. Anyway, in looking around the website, I saw some familiar names from the library petition.

    Here's a Father/Son Canoe Trip activity last spring, contact is Ginny's husband:

    Here's a YouTube of the event:

    If you look carefully, you will see him at 1:00 (guy in the cap) & then again at 3:00 (dancing)

    Squeal like a pig!

  5. By the way, in the YouTube you can see Ginny "lurking" (supposed to be Father/Son activity) by the window at 3:18

  6. So... what did Ginny do?

  7. She DID get fired from her job - that's been verified.

  8. Why did she get fired?

  9. Wasn't this post of Ginny's copied on her Eagle Forum blog? I could've sworn it was, but now its not there anymore....hmmm...