Sunday, November 8, 2009

West Bend School Board Meeting MONDAY night 7 p.m.

...Ginny Maziarka announces a school board meeting...


  1. Yeah, was she drunk when she posted that? Her copied text answered her own conspiracy theory inspired question.

  2. No one posts to her blog, er, web page, er, rant page.

    Yea, she continue to paint the "socialist" public education system of West Bend as one giant conspiracy theory; even when she goes to meetings (I still doubt her ability to comprehend anything) and gets the real picture in speech and black and white print, her blog filtered excrement is still content rich with rotten cherry picking and fallacies.

    The scary part is that people accept the WISSUP and B&S filter as first hand info over the district mailings, the news, and the district meetings. Where do these lemmings come from and what kind of education do they have? Are they all the god-fearing kids who blew off their homework and challenging courses and thought they'd have a new car every five years, a 2-car garaged house, three kids, and a summer cottage with a high school education thinking they'd have a U.S. manufacturing job as they trudged the aisles of Wal-Mart seeking a cheaper pair of size 44 Guatemalan jeans, a cheaper pound of beef from a U.S. Mexican corporate farm, and a cheaper TV from Korea to spend the Sunday after church dedicated to their other religion?

    Perhaps she'll have her wish and it will collapse: Then she'll take over the private system, stop sex ed, ship out the gays, and keep out the poor who can't pay up, all in the name of her version of Christian charity.

    Then as more young people can't find any work as they don't have an education, they'll end up having more children without the sex ed, and perhaps, end up in jails and (for profit) prisons for stealing bread to live and what not. Her vision will do wonders for the gun industry and police recruitment.

    Aw hell, Prisons are a better tax dollar investment than public schools ($25,000 to $30,000 versus $7,000-$9,000) if you own the prison.

  3. Remember how Ginny was working on this huge ORR project related to the library issue? Remember how after the board anonymously voted her wishes down she said things were just getting started?

    What the hell's been happening on this? NOTHING. She's worthless. So much easier to re-post right wing talking points on healthcare etc than actually follow up with the bullshit that brought all the negative attention to WB in the first place.


  4. Ginny's NemesisNovember 8, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    She isn't smart enough to follow thru on anything. Or come up with an original thought. The Library very clearly gave her instructions on what she had to do to challenge all the books she wanted challenged, but she was too lazy to ever do it. ADHD?

  5. I wish Ginny would "Go Rogue".

    Take Ginny... please.

  6. I was there. No Ginny in sight. So what was all the hoopla about everybody being there? Interestingly enough had she been there she would have heard how much in a corner the district is in financially. Having to cut another 2 million out of next years budget. With the possibility of having to do it for the next several years to come and how the state has made it clear that they are not going to increase school budgets any time soon.

    She would have heard the East principal talk about the goals and such for this year and years past.

    She would have heard Kathy Zarling explain what the numbers she was quoted in the Daily News mean. She did explain and answer Ginny's question rather well.

    Before the meeting was a casual q & a about the tax levy and all that it includes.

    To sum it up it was said that while enrollment is going up state funding has remained the same. The state acknowledges system failures but won't fix them. The revenue numbers don't match the needs of the district. The schools are doing what they can but without funding massive changes and cuts will need to happen. Other options are running out. Without the levy it would have been worse. Some of the numbers Ms. Zarling stated were for students that may temporarily leave the district but are left on the books because they will come back into the district eventually. There are also students that with open enrollment leave the district to go elsewhere or even to a virtual school. There are also an increasing number of students entering the district via the open enrollment. So a student may be in say a Saukville district and because of open enrollment they transfer to West Bend district. There are some home schoolers that transfer in as well. If GM had been there she would have heard Ms. Zarling answer her questions, East's principal explain their status and education goals what is going well and what needs more work. She would have heard how some parents reserve spots for their kids in summer school and then end up not attending. However, those no show students spot cannot go to another student because of the small length of time student have in summer school. If a kid misses 2 days of SS they are dropped because it would be impossible to make up those 2 days. There was talk of the possibility of shortening the school week to 4 days instead of the 5 and making the days longer, and the savings that would provide. (Which I think is not a very good idea for so many reasons.)

    The board did not discuss the possibility of combining the 2 schools. I'll hold my opinion on that until it is broached again.

    I did go to the meeting even though I am not feeling well and am really tired but I did go to hear and see for myself just exactly what the story is. Unfortunately it is just another thing that GM puts her own spin on. What I find the most interesting is what ever issue GM speaks out about the larger part of the citizens end up opposing once they do their own research on the issue. This I do know because I have heard and seen it. It is similar to the election fatigue during he presidential race. The community is suffering from GM fatigue. I say lets keep her talking because the more things she opposes or disagrees with the more things will go right. The community will support what she opposes. So lets keep her talking, blogging and speaking out because we need more things to go right. The library and the schools are doing the right things. Go GM go!

    So if one is going to put a call out to the community to show up and attend these meetings and then not appear themselves.... Well as my philosophy teacher in Arizona would ask does that person really care or are they just trying to have others do their bidding? You decide...

  7. She is emulating her mentor Owen "I need a drink" Robinson. He sends people to be moles for him. Because he has the ever present excuse of a "prior committment."

  8. Is it true as Ginny showed on her Eagle Forum blog that she is still on the growth and human development comittee?

  9. Sorry to hijack your blog, but here is my comment on G's latest post that she will never let see the light of day. Feel free to move it to your post when you get a chance or I will or whatever.

    You are correct I know exactly what to do after reading your link. call you an idiot. did you actually read the information. The point blank supports the message of WRAP. He also supports the 1st amendment. he is saying censorship for any reason is bad. Your analysis is just as shallow now as ever. Keep embarassing yourself and your cause. It will only make others lives easier.

  10. Between the brown, red, orange, black and green font colors I nearly had a seizure just looking at that.

    Ginny, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Distribution of porn to minors is against the law. Simply calling the WBPD to the Library ought to solve your little porn problem. Until you do that, you are just a blowhard and a black eye on an otherwise good city.

    Ginny, you are also one of these people who throw a fit when Congressmen pass bills without reading them, right? So why didn't you bother to read these books you are SO upset about?

    Step it up GInny, you are starting to bore me.

  11. West Bend Library receives Intellectual Freedom Award. Ginny Maziarka receives Intellectual Fiefdom Award, honoring people whose minds are still in the Middle Ages.