Saturday, September 26, 2009

12% tax hike coming to West Bend - Show up Monday night and VOTE NO

...More of Ginny Maziarka's disdain for paying for public education...


  1. I hope everyone is catching the drift on this one...the board is going to vote by a show of hands at the meeting tonight. It's crucial that if you support the schools, you show up! This is a cut in funding from the STATE, it has nothing to do with how the schools budgeted. The mean increase would be around $6/house. This is for the year starting this JANUARY...meaning if the increase doesn't go through, cuts will need to be made to programs starting right away. Show up at the meeting and show your support for our schools!

  2. The tax in question is a school levy property tax: A 12% increase or + $0.48 per $1,000 of property. Currently the tax is $4.00 per $1,000.

    On a $200,000 property, it's $96.00 more per year. Total school levy taxes if this had passed on a $200,000 property: $896.00 vs $800.00.

    One of the issues with this meeting was that there is a lot of frustration not only with the economy but taxes citizens do not have control of. Since, they do not have a voice on those taxes, the frustration was expelled at this meeting.

    Note: Children in the audience were shouting out, "No!"

    Even after all the presentation, people still thought that all their property taxes were going up 12%.