Thursday, September 17, 2009

But when we get behind closed doors - West Bend School Board

...Ginny has two posts showing how the school board arguing about whether a disagreement should be expressed in open vs. closed meetings.....


  1. Wow Ginny, grasp at straws much? Is EVERYTHING a conspiracy in your world?

  2. Ginny is consistently implying a West Bend School District conspiracy (fear mongering; however, she never comes out and says there is 1. because she will be sued for lying because there are no conspiracies, 2. she hates paying taxes, 3. she hates public education because it doesn't teach (her) religion and 4. the public schools' doors are open to every person she hates (especially gay people).

    Google her name now: It' a legacy of ignorance, disorganization, straw-man fallacies, name calling, distortion, intolerance, fear-mongering, and hate. The humble, pie-baking, loving, religious, granny, protector of children and taxpayers personae she attempts to portray is comparable to a picture of a fascist posing with a puppy. The puppy is stuffed.

  3. Ginny tried to get my cafepress site taken down. Cafepress gave her a lesson in the first amendment in return. Nice try Ginny.

  4. It's amazing how she thinks SHE is the only one in the world with the right to free speech.

  5. I see that the stickers with her image are gone; did CafePress make you do that? (unauthorized use of her likeness?)

    any details you can offer?

  6. Yeah, I figured they would do that anyway, it wasn't my photo after all. If you have any photos you've taken of Ginny tho those would be fair game. You can email them to

    Ginny basically emailed them saying that the items were "promoting hate" (ain't that the pot calling the kettle black). Cafepress took down the one with her photo, but gave her a page long lesson in the first amendment. The cafepress lawyer obviously spent a ton of time researching Ginny online and basically said that because she wants GLBT books removed that she herself has made herself a public figure and that my items are protected speech.

    She also shows a total lack of understanding of how the internet works. Whoever registered her name as a domain pointed it to my cafepress store. Ginny wrote to cafepress complaining about that... like cafepress has anything at all to do with it.

    But hey, mission accomplished. Every brain cell she spends going after me is one less she can use to go after defenseless teacher/library worked/school board member.

  7. We should try to get Robert Crumb (I think his original publisher was Kitchen Sink Enterprises in Princeton, WI, so there is a local connection)to do a book signing at Fireside Books - coming soon, "The Book Of Genesis Illustrated" -as per the cover: "The First Book of the Bible Graphically Depicted - NOTHING LEFT OUT" - "Adult Supervision Recommended for Minors" For some reason, I can't help but think that this was inspired by the situation in West Bend.

    Just promote the title of the book, maybe Ginny's crew will show up and be surprised.