Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Journal Sentinel reports seniors are "confused"

...Today, Ginny Maziarka rants on about how she thinks an article from JSOnline belittles seniors, despite the fact the article cites a national poll that suggests confusion was widespread...


  1. Ginny should stick to cutting and pasting what others say. She never makes any sense.

  2. Just left this comment, which I'm certain won't get through the filters:

    I'm sorry, but your harsh criticism really seems misplaced here, since the article cites that "the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that 62% of the seniors surveyed nationally said they were confused about the plans before Congress, compared with 43% of those under age 65"

    So, yes, seniors are generally more confused than everyone else. Does that mean ALL seniors? Of course not, and you should know better...

  3. LOL!! I think saying Ginny "should know better" is one of the funniest statements I've ever heard!!