Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Few West Bend School Board Facts

...As part of Ginny Maziarka's renewed campaign against the West Bend school board, she's posted some "facts" about them here...


  1. Here, Ginny spreads complete misinformation that she got from Boots and Sabers. At least he partially corrected it over there, but she will not and wouldn't publish my comment. It is not true that there is an increase in state aid for the schools. Last year the school district received over 34 million in state aid (including federal stimulus money), and this year despite a large enrollment increase, the state aid is only projected at 31 million. The school district has made cuts, but it costs more to educate 124 additional students and the cost of utilities, supplies, salaries, etc continues to go up.

  2. Oops- looked at the numbers again- state aid went from 33.2 million last year to 31.3 this year, a decrease of about 2 million.