Thursday, September 10, 2009

Library Director special guest of ACLU - taking his "victory" over the parents and patrons of West Bend to the streets

....Today's post features Ginny going off on the fact that the ACLU of Wisconsin has invited Tyree and Hanrahan to talk about the library ordeal at a Banned Book Week event...


  1. Anyone else notice the sudden and mysterious lack of posting from Dan at Safe Libraries?

    Think maybe he realized Ginny was doing more to hurt his crusade than to help it?

    As an aside, Christianity preaches peace and love. Yet all this woman does is spout hate and intolerance. Christ would be ashamed.

  2. I've always wondered how their alliance manages to hang together. If you don't look to closely, they share an obsession with pornography in libraries, and that's what makes it work. But Ginny relies on Dan for legal advice, and the more she realizes he's clueless on that, the weaker that leg of mutual support must get. Dan is encouraged by Ginny's anti-sexual stance, but her focus on that is rather fake, since she's really about homophobia not obscenity, and Dan won't support the homophobic angle (at least not publicly).

    It's all rather mysterious to me.

  3. Just left this comment at WISSUP:

    Ms. Maziarka: I don't understand why you become so hostile any time an organization asks people involved in the book challenges to come and talk about it. Perhaps you are merely upset that you weren't also invited, but, if I may, it might be a result of the hostile stance you so often take. Few would like to have this kind of hostility on display during what is meant to be a rational discussion about the events.

    Also, you seem to be confused about the fundraiser. It appears to be just for the ACLU of WI generally, and not for some "community center". Not sure where you got that idea.

    And finally, while Maria's acronym was perhaps a poor attempt at humor, it seems on par with your disparaging her organization by referring to it as supporting "free sex".


  4. Words like "rational" & "discussion" are lost on Ginny. Anyone who disagrees with her instantly gets the caps lock and red font treatment.

  5. This post of hers is really over the top - the feeble attempts at sarcasm, the red letters, the capital red letters, large fonts, the rambling on, etc. That rage & obvious frustration that she isn't in control of the message that is getting out there. Obviously, her tripe is being read by people (for some people like me, "that's entertainment"), but notice that nobody seems to be in dialogue with her. Reminds me of the crazy cat lady on "The Simpsons".

    Seriously, her narcissism disorder has manifested itself in this post.

  6. Nobody is in dialogue with her because she has essentially banned all comments. She will claim they were out of line, but they were just asking her to clarify her position. She has never had to deal ACTUAL jerks like the person busted over at Cafe Maria.

  7. I tried to post the following to Ginny's blog, but she won't publish it. It's lovely that she can say whatever she wants about me but then won't publish my followup comments. This was in response to her referencing blog comments I'd made about the book "Deal With It," another blog comment suggesting renaming her group WB-CRAPPY (West Bend Citizens Removing All Personal Priveleges from You) and her interpretation of my pending appearance at an upcoming ACLU event in Madison.

    "Actually, I said, I haven't read "Deal with It" in its entirety, but I have flipped through it several times. Doing so, I have tried to find the "explicit" parts of the book and have been UNABLE to visually locate them. The point I was trying to make at that time was that I couldn't find the passages of the teenagers speaking bluntly about sex, which were taken from the GURL website, not written by the author, as you implied during your discussions of the book. Did I find illustrations of body parts and such? Yes, but I would expect nothing less in a book that discusses human sexuality.

    And yes, I think crappy is a perfect word to describe infringing upon the rights of others.

    Ginny, unlike you, I never claimed to represent West Bend, so your statement once again is false. I suppose you think you provided West Bend with strong representation when you referred to me group as "West Bend Parents for Free Sex"??

    ~ the likes of Maria Hanrahan"

  8. Anonymous said:
    "As an aside, Christianity preaches peace and love."

    As in:
    "Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man." - Numbers 31:17-18 (New International Version)