Tuesday, September 15, 2009

West Bend Library Director Tyree slanders City Councilman Vrana at ACLU fundraiser

...Tonight, Ginny Maziarka posts a reaction to supposed words spoken by Director Tyerr at an ACLU fundraiser in Wisconsin. The validity of the account is not verified. (Ginny, of course, is very familiar with defamation)...


  1. Just saw that. "Verbally rape its citizens". What the fuck is she talking about?!?!

  2. Here is my comment to her post at WISSUP:

    "Readers, please note that Ginny Maziarka was not in attendance at this event, so what she is reporting is coming to her secondhand. Michael mentioned that alderman Terry Vrana compared the library to a porn shop during a Common Council meeting. This was widely discussed in the community, referenced in a front page article in the Daily News, and you can even purchase a DVD copy of the meeting from the city. After mentioning this fact earlier at the ACLU event, Michael Tyree later said, tongue in cheek, "he may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library." This comment was also made at a time when an event attendee asked a question about the newer library board members, and Tyree discussed how he had looked into whether or not the board candidates had library cards. (Mr. Vrana does not.)

    slander it's council members and verbally rape it's citizens

    That's quite an accusation from someone who wasn't even present."

    (Maria's note: the comment he "may be familiar with porn shops" was said in a questioning manner, not as a statement of fact, and again, was delivered tongue in cheek) and again, GINNY WAS NOT PRESENT. A representative of VCY was present at the event. He was told (by the ACLU) he could not videotape or otherwise record the private event. But somehow, within a few hours of the event's end Ginny got wind of the comment (but of course, not the context in which it was made.) Perhaps he has Ginny on speed dial...?

  3. Where is Jim in all this? Does he not realize how nuts and out of line his wife is?

  4. It does sound like she's finally stepped off the deep end. Her mis-characterization of Tyree's remarks comes close to libel.

  5. Ginny, you forgot to add the "verbalrape" tag.

  6. Just left this comment at WISSUP (and in the Boots & Sabers thread):

    if Mr. Vrana compared the library to a porn shop at that council meeting a few months ago, then he must be at least somewhat familiar with what a porn shop is in order to make such a comparison.

    Thus, Tyree’s comment that he may know what a porn shop is like is completely logical and valid.

    No? How is this slanderous, let alone “verbal rape”???

  7. Owen must be demonstrating "hypocritical faux outrage" (ala Joe Wilson) as per his column in the Daily News. Think of Alderman Vrana as Obama, and Library Director as Wilson, and you get the picture.