Saturday, September 26, 2009

West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries received Eagle Award from Schlafly for West Bend Library Battle

...Ginny Maziarka has interrupted her string of WB school board-related posts to note that she's been awarded some award from Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum. Whatevs...

P.S. Ginny repeats her assertion that the books she's against at the library are "porn". She's a peach.


  1. Can you put up the post about "A few West Bend School board facts"
    In it, she spreads complete misinformation that she got from Boots and Sabers. At least he corrected it over there, but she will not and wouldn't publish my comment. It is not true that there is an increase in state aid for the schools. Last year the school district received over 34 million in state aid (including federal stimulus money), and this year despite a large enrollment increase, the state aid is only projected at 31 million.

  2. I'm not sure which is worse, the idea that somebody would give Ms. M. an AWARD for dividing a community over nothing, or the idea that some people think it is valuable to get an award from a bat-shit crazy like Phyllis Schlafly.

  3. Ginny gets an award - hmmm. For her work? Hmmm. Lone gets an award for his work in the school district and Ginny goes wild. Hmmm - I smell a fat rat. Wonder if that will appear in the WB Daily Snooze.

  4. I like the "more government is bad" rhetoric coupled with the "the government should tell me which books I can and can't read" idiocy.

  5. In case you're not following her Twitter activity, Ginny repeats her assertion that the library books are "porn" here.

  6. Thanks for posting the Twitter activity. I have to draw the line somewhere, and living in the cavernous pit that is the mind of Ginny Maziarka by subjecting myself to her thoughts popping up all the time is more than I can bear, so I just can't follow her on Twitter. Good to know she's still a nutter.

  7. Yes, the Eagle Forum was so proud of Ginny they spelled her last name wrong! (click on the photo in Ginny's post)

  8. Anyone else think it's funny that Ginny didn't fit in the photo?

  9. According the minutes from the recent "Common Sense Citizens of Washington County", Ginny (aka Jenny Mazarak) is creating an Eagle Forum right here.


    (btw, check out those minutes. the secretary of this group should be fired)

  10. They really need to add "Find someone who can actually design a website as soon as fucking possible" to the agenda.


    Phyllis: Hello?

    Ginny: Hi Phyllis, you don't know me, but I fought a battle to decide what other people are allowed to read in West Bend, WI.

    Phyllis: Uh-huh.

    Ginny: And the ACLU gave the liberal, socialist, equality loving Library Director an award for not giving into my demands.

    Phyllis: Ok. Sorry, who are you again? Do I know you?

    GInny: It doesn't really matter. Point is I'm jealous - can you just make up some kind of award - something handwritten on a picture of an eagle will do - and give it to me?

    Phyllis: What?

    Ginny: Please? I'll make a donation!

    Phillys: Ok, sounds good.

  12. Hey, those minutes from Common Sense are a hoot - "Jenny Mazarak" - "www.bootsandsavours"

    Their candidate for Mayor literature will probably list him as a candidate for "Mayer"