Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Common Sense Citizerns" meeting TONIGHT/Grothman to speak 7:30

...Ginny Maziarka reports that the "Common Sense Citizerns" [sic] are meeting tonight...


  1. Put a flannel shirt on Ginny & I guess she looks like a "Regular Joe".

    Good catch on the "Citizerns" - missed that at her site.

  2. Damn, I should have gone. If Grothman was there a free meal must have been served. Glenn nevers misses one of those.

  3. This is why Ginny never writes herself and instead just reposts commentary from others: she is a piss-poor writer.

    From todays paper:

    Taxpayers lost trust in school board

    The taxpayers have lost trust in the West Bend School Board.
    Labeling parents and taxpayers who do not support a tax levy cap as citizens who do not care about children, "educational tyrannists" and "destructive to their community" is offensive and earns no points for future school board agendas.
    The matter of contention is, perhaps, we care too much.
    We see a school district that has produced successful entrepreneurs while operating on a low budget. While maintaining a low cost to taxpayers, the school district has provided quality curricula and kept up with a dual high school athletic program.
    The question taxpayers have regarding the 12 percent cap parallels Tim Stepanski’s unanswered question at this week’s meeting. "When will the cycle end?"
    Stepanski’s inquiry as to whether we could see this same recommendation to "tax to the cap" from the school district’s financial advisor in the years to come was "absolutely." This answer should have been of grave concern to West Bend’s parents and taxpayers.
    When our school district begins to pull in WEAC to pull off an unnecessary 12 percent increase, red flags should go up.
    There are many options for cuts without sacrificing the quality of education. In an economy where everyone has had to take a hit in the paycheck, why don’t we see administrative cuts? Why doesn’t the school board consider working with the union to freeze teacher salaries temporarily?
    We value the teachers, our students and our school district. It is not a crime to ask the teachers to do as we, as parents and taxpayers have had to do - share the burden with us. In difficult economic times, we can stand together as a community until the tide passes.
    The issue is no longer about a tax levy. It is about the integrity of the school board, which on a scale of 1 to 10, has hit an all-time low. Zero.
    Jim and Ginny Maziarka
    Town of West Bend

  4. Yes, I like "educational tyrannists". William F. Buckley Jr. kind of stuff. If a fancy word must be used, it's "tyrannizers", but "tyrants" would have been fine.

  5. Maybe Jim wrote this one. I always get a kick out of these kinds of letters signed by both spouses. Does that count as "2" for that position, as opposed to 1? Do they split the typing duties? "Dear, you have had a rough day and work so hard, I'll key the consonants, you can do the vowels."