Saturday, October 3, 2009

Focus on the Family digs heels in with Banned Books Week

...Ginny reposts (without providing a link to the original) commentary from the Focus on the Family, ranting about how the ALA somehow usurps the desires right-wing parents by allowing young adults access to "pro-gay" books....


  1. That's a fun one. So the Christians are claiming that the ALA is biased and not living up to its own principles, because member libraries (not under direct ALA control) make selection choices the Fundies don't like, and it never occurs to them that THEY're the one with the bias, even though the only topic the mention for book donation is homosexuality.

    Back to critical thinking 101.

    I do think they should donate books, though. Not that many will wind up on the shelves, but it'll give them something to do.

  2. Do these people even read?

  3. The people for censorship of the library read books that a 3rd party tells them are safe or books that are found in a Christian book store or children's books (pre-K-3). They read non-fiction like books on guns. They do read "entertainment" blogs (anything with a conservative in the virtual pulpit; however, they avoid most print "news" because the new media, except for those that advocate conservative, Christian values, is controlled by communists, Marxists, and socialists. It's a scary, modern world.

    I can not speak for their actual reading ability.

  4. Kissing teenage vampires, of course, are perfectly acceptable reading.

  5. omg, please link to her most recent posts.
    why doesn't she just move to kewaskum????????