Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hudson Library shares common bond of sexually explicit materials for minors with West Bend Library

...Ginny Maziarka reprints this letter to the Wisconsin Christian News from Meredith Berg, who also supports limiting access to information...


  1. Quite a promotion for the ALA, which is now described as "entrenched (and evil)" and "they have no legal power to do what they do." Of course, the writer wouldn't bother to provide details of what illegal activity she feels the ALA is engaging in, any more than she could get specific about which books are "sick" and "perverted," or what standards are being used to measure that.

    Why blame the ALA for the challengers' inability to reason or articulate?

  2. I love how they didn't actually file a complaint, but only a "complaint", and how the ACLU wasn't really at the meeting, but apparently only "showed up" in a metaphorical sense. And there really isn't a gay community, but only a "gay" community.

  3. Ginny is proof that we need to spend more on public schools.