Monday, October 12, 2009

West Bend School District figures REVEALED

...More of Ginny Maziarka's latest crusade (a repost of others' commentary, of course) against the possibility of increased tax levy to support local education...


  1. The figures posted at B&S are not correct- the state aid numbers and the percentages.

  2. Butts & Stirrups has never been good at data analysis. Before the first referendum they did a Daily News column about some school district in the State of New York that built a new school that was privately financed (as opposed to public financing). What they (and the Daily News too) missed was that it was a "lease-purchase" deal which is an end-run around doing a voter referendum authorizing the issuance of public debt. Yet it was held up as some outstanding example of the private sector doing something better than the public sector could do.

    They may think they're the real shit - but they sound like those kids who have had a lifetime of being told by their mommies how "special" they are, and they start to believe it.