Thursday, October 22, 2009

New website "Support West Bend Schools" posted to push tax levy

...Ginny Maziarka provides a link to the Support West Bend Schools website...


  1. Did anyone notice that CMS Insurance chose to not consolidate their operations in West Bend (where they are headquartered),and will be relocated in Milwaukee, 140 employes? 60% of their employes live in West Bend will have to commute now. CMS claims that the reason they did that is because there was no suitable space available in West Bend at a reasonable cost and they don't want to do new construction. Furthermore, they didn't entertain any overtures from the City to induce them to stay(sometimes things can be facilitated by the City as an economic development/job retention initiative or TIF funds).

    I call BS on that! I think it is because West Bend is starting to come off as a bunch of backwoods hicks, what with the library "porn" controversy and the yahoos who yell about the West Bend school taxes being too high despite the fact that they are the f---ingest lowest in the area. Save $240 a year on taxes ($200,000 home), but spend more money driving to work.

    Thriving businesses are usually built by intelligent people - lately it doesn't seem like intelligent people are welcome in West Bend. Expect more of the same.

  2. How about ReStat - the insurance drug company? They were looking at West Bend as the home for regional headquarters. Didn't pursue much of a conversation with city officials. Could it be that Ginny, Owen, Mary Weigand, et. al. are chasing away new business ventures and a business TAX CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CITY! Maybe Ginny, Owen, Weigand and their cadre of Christian soldiers are in cahoots with Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino's, who started his own conservative religious city - Ave Maria - in Florida. One-by-one, things are falling apart and the blame can be laid at the feet of these lovelys.

  3. I (first commenter) stand corrected - I was referring to RESTAT. CMS had been in the old city hall, and I think before that they were in the building (old library) now occupied by RESTAT. So, when I was reading the online article, I got a little mixed up on the names.

    But I think there will be lost opportunities in the future, as businesses "vet" communities for business development. West Bend does fine on the corporate chains, like WalMart, fast food, etc, but in those cases the owners (and families) don't have to live in West Bend.

    Of course, the types at Boots & Sabers can blame it on taxes, political incompetence, etc.

  4. Just posted this comment on ginny's crappy blog. It won't see the light of day over there.

    Your bias and lack of analytical ability is astounding. I know that you don't have the courage or character to allow a criticism like that to be published on your blog but you needed to hear it anyway.

    Thanks for the space to comment

  5. In today's Daily News there is an article about a school board conversation with some business leaders, and it was reported that St. Joseph's Hospital has noticed that physician recruitment is being impacted in that the phyicians are preferring to be live in Slinger School District.

    Again, as per Ginny & B&S'ers, don't need no stinking smart people in West Bend. Those kind of people have expensive tastes in what a community should offer. Here's the "Common Sense" approach: Lower the taxes and with that money can get a bigger shovel or longer ladder to throw in the back of the handyman business pickup truck, and that will generate growth in the local economy. Lower taxes, bigger shovels!!

  6. Doesn't Ginny work at St. Joseph's? They should just fire her.

  7. Rumor on the street is that she has been let go.

  8. That is what I was told last night.

  9. Anonymous (1st one)October 25, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    Oh joy, does that mean she'll have more time for crap blogging & camping out at the district office/library/etc. filing useless Open Record Requests? Maybe Dr. Herdrich can throw her a bone - give her an assigned parking spot by the front door of the Admin building.