Tuesday, October 27, 2009

West Bend School Board Votes to "Tax to the Max" Tonight

...Ginny Maziarka notes that the West Bend School Board voted for a tax increase...


  1. The look of complete confusion on Ginny's face last night was priceless. She seemed stunned that there were a total of about 50 hard core anti taxers there. About 800-1000 total. She could not have less of a clue about what happened at that meeting. Her moron husband sitting by her side with the same dazed look on his face.

  2. Wonder how she and Rich Kasten are going to do with their plan to do a recall petition to get "conservatives" on the Board? Of course, they thought they had Koening/Stepanski in their pockets, so doing a recall was going to build some kind of "conservative" coalition on the Board. Count on Ginny to muff up the paperwork.

    Let's review how Ginny & crowd have done: Library Issue - Fail. School Referendum: One Fail/One Success (not the resounding success that she predicted). School Tax to the Max - Fail.

    Ginny seems to have a certain "Midas" touch - everything she touches turns to crap.

  3. A couple things:

    1) My G/T speech made perfect sense, and I'll thank you not to misquote it so that it no longer makes sense.

    2) Notice she didn't mention the part where the board went through the numbers and showed us all the ways that we are and will continue to be the cheapest school district in the state.

    3) I like how she completely ignored the fact that she was Tim Stepanski's biggest supporter in the election. It's ridiculous how quickly she tosses people aside when they no longer agree with her.

  4. Oh, sorry, last thing:

    4) If she cares so much, how come she didn't speak at any of the meetings dealing with this issue?