Friday, October 30, 2009

Senate Hearing on Sex Ed Bill Causes Confusion

...Ginny Maziarka posts about the recent hearing on the "Healthy Youth Act", replete with personal attacks against anyone who didn't share her opinion...


  1. Somewhere in all of her ramblings in that post, I'm sure there is a coherent thought contained thereof. A literary version of "Where's Waldo?"

  2. So Human Growth & Development is Ginny's new thing? While undoubtedly she knows a ton about human "growth", I'm not so sure about the development part.

    Did you abstain when you were a kid Ginny? So why would you expect kids today to?

  3. Ginny DID NOT abstain when she was a teenager. She was an unwed teenage mother at age 16 years old - go figure!

  4. However, I have to give Ginny credit. Those pictures of the backs of people's heads added so much.

  5. This has all just become so sad. Her attention span is about what, 5 months? After she fails at whatever she is trying to do now she will drop everything and move on to some other "issue".

  6. Is it needed to mention that she was a teenage mother? People make mistakes and learn from them. Maybe she wants to try and prevent it from happening to another girl. People do learn from their mistakes and can change. People should not keep throwing that in her face. I don't know anyone who wants their teen daughters to become pregnant.

    Teaching kids to abstain only is very flawed granted, however it still should be taught along with protection, std's, pregnansy risk and all of that. Sarah Palin's own daughter has spoken out and continues to saying that only teaching kids to abstain is not the way to teach sex ed. Tell a kid no and what is the first thing they do?

    I don't agree with Ginny's tactics but focus on current things not past mistakes.

  7. Anon #6,

    You probably figured this out, but just in case you haven't, the reason people bring up ginny's past is because she is so "holier than thou" about every other issue that she takes up. Her general attitude has been, "I know better than everyone else." that gets really old really fast. If she wasn't so condescending people would be more forgiving.

  8. Is this Ginny's divorce record from an earlier marraige?

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  11. Anon #6 - your point seems a bit muddied. First you ask why it's important that one points out that Ginny was an unwed teenage mother. Your point in asking this question seems to be why bring up past mistakes. Then you go on to point out Sarah Palin's daughter said that teaching abstinance is not the best message to prevent teenage pregnancy. Ginny's message IS ABSTINANCE - having conversations about safe sex practices, in Ginny's mind, should not even be had, much less entertained in a public school setting. Here's the point (two-fold): First, Ginny homeschools her brood and her voice in curriculum development for other children is moot. Second, if you read Ginny's blog from its inception, she does her very best to point out other's mistakes time and again (if many of the things she points out about others can be considered "mistakes" - rather, what she likes to do is bring down others who don't think like her). So, to bring evidence that Ginny, the self-proclaimed wielder of the sword of truth, is nothing but a hypocritical Bible-thumper is necessary. Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone - Ginny doesn't understand that, and perhaps never will. The fact that someone mentioned that she was an unwed teenage mother in relation to her post about sex education is relevant - nothing mean-spirited about that.

  12. An unwed mother with the positive virtue of empathy would evoke an understanding of the situation that a young person might experience, and would use that empathy in a kind way of tolerance and acceptance.

    However, empathy is a casualty of narcissistic personality disorder.

  13. This is going to have Ginny pissed off all day.

    From the paper this morning:

    Healthy Youth Act would
    improve sex education

    The Healthy Youth Act ensures that schools choosing to teach sex education do so in a medically accurate, age-appropriate way.
    This includes information about abstinence, birth control and barrier methods to prevent pregnancy and disease.
    While it may make parents uncomfortable, the reality is that 45 percent of Wisconsin high school students have had sex.
    When I was a teenager, I needed to hear more than “just say no” – I needed accurate, age-appropriate, comprehensive information before I became sexually active and I want the same for my daughter.
    It will teach teens the skills to avoid dating violence by promoting self-esteem and positive interpersonal skills focusing on healthy relationships. It will decrease risky behaviors by discussing the effects of alcohol and drug use on decision-making. Polling indicates that 87 percent of Wisconsin voters support comprehensive sex education. Proper sex education equips young people with the knowledge to act safely and responsibly if and when they choose to become sexually active. Our teens need appropriate, medically accurate information that should include elements proven to change risky teen behavior. The Healthy Youth Act’s ... only opponents are organizations who believe abortion should be illegal, even though this bill is designed to equip teens with the tools they need to reduce unintended pregnancies (and thus, abortions) in the first place. It’s time to put public health ahead of ideology.
    Monet Sanders Milwaukee